Pain Management

Little known secrets to relieve aching

Body aches are very common, in children, adults or the elderly. The aches can also develop in any part of the body including the head, back, chest, stomach, and joints. There are numerous secrets you can use to relieve aching depending on which part of the body you are affected.

1. Acupuncture

retrjyutjn6iytu6It relieves joint aching, arthritis, low-back aching, post-operative aching, menstrual aching, and migraines. This method involves piercing small painless needles through your skin. The piercing stimulates the body to produce endogenous opioids – natural painkillers that relieve aching. If you have problems such as arthritis, you can use this method on an ongoing basis. If you experience acute aching, it is recommended to try between 5 and 8 acupuncture treatments.

For chronic aching, try between 8 and 15 acupuncture treatments. You can do it by the help of an expert or on your own if you learn how and also depend on the body part you want to pierce the needles.

2. Sleep in a good position

This is used especially to relieve backaches. It is advised to sleep on your side with support between your knees so as to avoid straining the back and also ensuring that the spine is naturally positioned. In case you want to sleep on your back, you must put a pillow under the knees. It is also important to ensure that you are sleeping on a firm and comfortable mattress.

3. Yoga

trymj6u576utrteThis is another great way to relieve aching. There are different yoga poses, each designed to relieve pain in specific body parts. For example, if you want to relieve neck pain, try downward facing dog on the wall. This is a great yoga pose that will help you relieve both stress and neck pain. However, you should consult a yoga expert if you don’t know which pose will help relieve your pain. Don’t focus on the yoga poses you know yet maybe they are not helpful in relieving the aching you have.

4. The gas ache is another troubling kind of pain

You can relieve it by combining several secrets. This includes moving your bowels, sipping hot tea, chewing fennel seeds and taking deep breaths. All these help in easing the gas ache.

5. Prescribed medication

You can also go to a drugstore for some drugs that relieve pain. There are also numerous natural cures for aching, including capsaicin, arnica, zyflamend or inflathera, aquamin, fish oil, methylsulfonyl-methane, chondroitin, and glucosamine. But always consult your doctor, if possible, before using any medication.