Essential oils

Understanding essential oils and their benefits

Understanding essential oils and their benefits

For a very long time, essential oils have been used all around the world for both medicinal and health purposes. The oils have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which make them have more uses. There are so many other uses of essential oil which range from aromatherapy, household cleaning and even beauty. These oils come from extraction from different plant parts of roots, leaves, and flowers. This article will help you in understanding essential oils and their benefits.

Benefits of essential oils

Cleaning agents

A clean home is a germ-free home. The essential oils help in all around the house cleaning. The oils can be used for scrubbing the bathtub to help get rid of the buildup of scum which keeps the bathtub spotless. Some of these oils like the lemon oil can also be used to clean fruits and vegetables.


Air freshening

Since these oils are aromatic in nature, it makes them the best air fresheners. The oils can be used in freshening the bathroom by leaving a cotton ball that is soaked in lime or lemon oil. In the kitchen, the cooking odor can be gotten rid of by boiling water with a few drops of cinnamon. The trash can cam also be freshened and detoxified by putting in it a few drops of tea tree oil.

Sleep improvement

For those suffering from difficulty in falling asleep, they can improve their sleep by sprinkling a few drops of lavender oil on the pillow. It will help them fall asleep.

Beautiful skin

The essential oils can be combined with other different ingredients to make beauty products to enhance the beautiful skin. Cellulite can be reduced by massaging the affected area with essential oils. A body scrub can also be made by using brown sugar with essential oils and using it as a scrub.


Dental hygiene

Dental hygiene is necessary for a beautiful smile and fresh breath. To get fresh breathe, one can use a drop of peppermint essential oil to achieve that. For brushing teeth, one can use sea salt with peppermint oil as toothpaste to whiten teeth while also enhancing fresh breath. For whitening teeth, one can use peppermint together with crush strawberries.

Beautiful hair

Dandruff is a problem for those growing their hair while those who cut their hair may also be affected. It may cause an itchy scalp at times. To treat dandruff, one can use lavender and rosemary essential oils together with some unscented oils and apply it on the hair. For relieving the itchiness, one should use lavender and cedar wood. Rosemary essential oil or coconut oil, on the other hand, is used to increase the volume of hair.

Treatment of coughs and sinusitis

When people get a cough, the first thing they go for is the cough syrups which in most cases don’t help in relieving the cough. Essential oils such as eucalyptus oil are used to fight coughs and also opening up the nasal passage.

Improved digestion

To help improve digestion, one should take ginger and peppermint oil which will help in digestion while at the same time help in healing a leaky gut. Broken bones are repaired by applying fir and cypress oils on the broken part.…